Things weren’t looking good for the farm bill at the end of last week, and House Ag Committee chairman Frank Lucas said reaching a deal by Dec. 13 would be very challenging. Politico

Last Tobacco Buyout Payment Might Disappear!  

Word out of Washington is that the final Tobacco Buyout Payment is scheduled to be reduced by 7.5%, and it could be delayed.

This issue surfaced after the Office of Management and Budget instructed the USDA to make the final tobacco buyout payment subject to the budget reductions authorized by Congress. Those cuts are also known as sequestration.

The tobacco buyout payments have never involved tax dollars — they are reimbursements paid by the tobacco industry.

Here are 4 ways you can help:

  1. Contact your friends and neighbors who had tobacco quota and alert them to the possible delay and the ordered reduction of the final payment by 7.5%.
  2. Call U.S. Senators Burr and Hagan to inquire about the situation.
  3. Call your U.S. House representative’s office to inquire about the situation.
  4. Send an email to the Office of Budget and Management, USDA and Congress.

There are about 90,000 former quota holders in North Carolina. Some of them worked with financial institutions to receive the payment up front. You need to find and review that paperwork to see if your financial institution leaves you liable for the 7.5% reduction.

Again, we know some of you weren’t involved in the Tobacco Program, but if you know a relative, a friend, or a neighbor who is receiving Buyout Payments, contact them to make sure they know about this situation.

This issue is important! Action is necessary!

N.C. Farm Bureau

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Alamance County Farm Bureau held it’s annual meeting on October 29, 2013 at Occasions, Burlington, NC


Special Guest included Linda Massey – Alamance County Commissioner


Alamance County Friend of Agriculture Award was presented to Mr. Roger Cobb



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We would appreciate your help in reminding your farmer contacts that we support two programs for which they may qualify for individual cost-share assistance from $3,000 to $8,000.

-Both the WNC AgOptions program and Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund are now accepting applications.  Farmers can apply for small grants that will support innovative ideas designed to increase their farm income.

-Current and former tobacco farmers receive priority.

-The TCRF program is targeting specific counties (a list can be found at their website) while AgOptions targets 22 WNC counties.

-Informational meetings and how to apply workshops are planned at various locations in the state.

-More details can be found at these websites:

The Humane Society of the United States is planning an ad campaign on the side of city buses that implies North Carolina farm families intend to harm their animals to maximize profits, writes NCFB President Larry Wooten in this editorial. Wooten says HSUS seeks to mischaracterize hog farmers and confuse consumers. Raleigh News & Observer

American Farm Bureau and 250 other agricultural organizations have written a letter to agriculture committee members and leadership in the U.S. House and Senate strongly encouraging passage of a five-year farm bill as soon as possible. American Farm Bureau

And we’re without a farm bill as of today, too. Most farmers won’t feel the impact right away, as the crop insurance program continues on. Farm Futures